Our car exchange service allows You to quickly and easily replace your existing vehicle with new and more appropriate. Service is perfect for both individuals and businesses who wish to make changes in their car park without expending time and energy on an old car marketing and focusing on their own activities.

You can choose a vehicle whether from our showroom or order a suitable choice from our partners in Europe. When You have chosen a new vehicle we evaluate Your old one and make an complex offer. Now we will help You to find the best financing solutions, take care of Your new vehicle being properly registered in Estonian Road Administration and insured after that.

If your vehicle has an existing lease contract that is coming to an end soon, You might ask an offer from us before you need to buy it out from leasing company.

Your old vehicle must be:

  • generally not more than 10 years of old;
  • verifiable service history available either authorized dealer or professional repair company;
  • controlled vehicle original mileage;
  • good technical and visual condition (according to normal worning)

Before formalizing the deal we perform a visual and technical inspection of the vehicle.


1. Your old car

2. Your new car

3. Personal information